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We have a wide selection of RF adapters, so don't be shy! Mix and match from the following. (Note: stock may vary for individual adapters and jumper cables. Please note that pins and threads differ between SMA and RP-SMA connectors.)


  • 4-GHz F-female to F-female (F81) adapter
  • F-female to SMA-female adapter
  • F-female to SMA-male adapter
  • F-female to SMA-male jumper cable
  • F-male to F-male (F61) adapter
  • F-male to RPSMA-male adapter
  • F-male to RPSMA-female adapter
  • F-male to SMA-female adapter
  • F-male to SMA-male jumper cable
  • RPSMA-female to SMA-male adapter
  • RPSMA-male to SMA-female adapter
  • Ultra-short RPSMA-male to SMA-male jumper cable
  • SMA-female to SMA-female adapter
  • RPSMA-male-to-SMA-female jumper cable
  • Short SMA-male to SMA-male jumper cable
  • F-female to RPSMA-male adapter (limit 1 per order)

F-to-F, F-to-SMA, F-to-RP-SMA, or RP-SMA to SMA adapter

  • If this product fails under normal working conditions within 1 year of the purchase date, return it for a full refund. We’ll send a return shipping label on your request.

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