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Ready to connect a Coaxifi WoCA kit?

Here are the steps.

Start by detaching the antenna(s) on your router or USB Wi-Fi adapter. (We have kits to split a signal 2 or 4 times from a single antenna port. You can also use them on a 1:1 basis, with each port going to a single room.)

Thread our impedance converter onto the antenna port. (Our kits let you connect a router directly from any room with a cable outlet by using our included RG-6 cable. You can also put your router in your wiring closet and connect directly to cabling runs.)




The cabling runs in your wiring closet let you pipe Wi-Fi right into the rooms of your choice.

Identify the cabling runs you want to use.

(Our cable tester helps speed things up.)

If the runs connect to a TV splitter, you can detach them from the TV splitter and leave the other cabling runs as-is.

With our StraightShot kits, you can:

  • Connect your router to a cabling run,

  • Bridge cabling runs between rooms using our barrel adapter, or

  • Connect your router to multiple cabling runs using our 2-outlet "Y" cable

With our WiFork kits, you can:

  • Connect your router to the cabling runs using our Wi-Fi pigtail splitter cables, or

  • Bridge cabling runs between rooms using a barrel connector (or "Tee" adapter) and the pigtail cables

By the way, when you install a Coaxifi kit, you can leave as many or as few of the router's stock antennas connected as you want.





You're in the home stretch now!


If bridging two cable runs, you can:

  • Connect one room's cable outlet to the router with our RG-6 cable, or

  • Connect the other room's cable outlet to our multi-band antenna

Our kits' antennas thread right on to the outlets.

If you'd like to use a directional antenna to narrow the Wi-Fi beam, or connect a mount, come see the adapters in our shop.

And if you don't have unused cable outlets or a router with detachable antennas, check out MoCA products for Ethernet over coax from Actiontec, Yitong, Teleste, and other vendors.

RP-SMA male antenna on router's antenna port
Removing RP-SMA-male antenna from RP-SMA female port
Coaxifi kits directly tap the power from your Wi-Fi routers, using it more efficiently
Coaxifi's WoCA kits let you choose how and where to install
Coaxifi's multi-port splitter kits connect a single antenna port to multiple cabling runs
Coaxifi kits give you the freedom to put your router in any room with a cable outlet, or bring it to a wiring closet for maximum performance.
Coaxifi antennas are custom-made to thread on to your cable outlets.
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