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Send your Wi-Fi signal straight into to 4 rooms with the WiFork 4-outlet kit. Ideal for mid-sized houses, this kit connects your router to 4 vacant cabling runs in your wiring closet. Compatible with routers that have detachable antennas (see the "Routers" page for details). Recommended for cabling runs of 120 feet/37 meters or less.


  • 4 multi-band antennas for your coaxial wall plates
  • F-male to 4-way F-female pigtail cable for splitting an antenna port to 4 outlets
  • RPSMA-male to F-female impedance converter
  • 1 low-loss F-female to F-female barrel adapter for bridging cable runs
  • 1 35-in./90-cm RG-6 coaxial cable


WiFork 4-Outlet Wi-Fi over Coax Kit

  • As with powerline adapters and Ethernet-over-coax adapters, Coaxifi's Wi-Fi-over-coax kits require specific cabling conditions in users' homes and/or offices. Please read the following section before purchasing:

    • Please visit our illustrated setup guide to ensure that you understand the installation steps.
    • Since our Wi-Fi-over-coax kits are designed to eliminate 'dead zones' near cable outlets, we recommend leaving one or more of your router's stock antennas unchanged for general over-the-air Wi-Fi coverage, and using our kit to specifically target dead zones.
    • Wi-Fi over coax is not guaranteed to work as designed in buildings with outdoor wiring enclosures, 'daisy chain' cabling, apartment complexes and condominium buildings where tenant lacks full access to cabling runs, and use on cabling runs exceeding 120 feet/37 meters. Additionally, use on coaxial cabling installed more than 25 years ago is not guaranteed, as lowered conductance and capacitance may affect signal propagation.
    • As shown in our illustrated setup guide at, our kits must be installed on unused cabling runs without other active signal sources, without any CATV/DOCSIS/MoCA splitters or amplifiers coupled to the cabling run to avoid interference and signal attenuation.
    • Our kits are compatible with the Wi-Fi routers listed here, as these have detachable RP-SMA antennas, but please note that certain sub-models may not have detachable antennas. Other routers are not guaranteed to work with Wi-Fi over coax. Please do not buy our kit if you don't already have a compatible router.
  • Shipping times are estimates provided by the carrier for regional price groups. Shipping fees and product prices may not include customs duties or local value-added taxes (VAT) in your country. Please contact for estimated customs duties and customized shipping options, or compare shipping and customs rates for Curlynet cables via Amazon.

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